CNW Group/Invictus MD StrategiesKISS bassist/singer Gene Simmons recently revealed that he’s become the spokesman for Invictus MD Strategies Corporation, a Canadian company that produces cannabis products for medicinal use.  It’s also positioning itself to expand if and when recreational use of the drug is legalized in the country.

While Simmons has always abstained from using drugs and alcohol, he’s known for recognizing a good business opportunity when he sees one, and says Invictus’ financial future “looks very bright indeed.”

Regarding his involvement in the company, Simmons explains to ABC Radio, “[I]n the interest of full disclosure, I am a partner in Invictus…and they did pay me a few million dollars in cash and $10 million in stock.”

Gene, who’s taken the title of Invictus’ “chief evangelist officer,” tells ABC Radio that, despite his dislike of drugs, his views on cannabis have changed greatly in recent years.

“I was guilty as charged of being judgmental and dismissive of cannabis as a whole,” he admits. “[But] researchers every day keep coming up with information that’ll blow your mind [about its positive uses medicinally].”

As an example, Simmons notes, “[T]here are little six-year-old girls who are suffering from epilepsy and, almost miraculously, you rub a cannabis-based product on their hand, and in a very short time, if they’re not cured then clearly the epilepsy is minimized.”

On the recreational side, Gene says he feels using cannabis should be a personal choice.

“I still haven’t smoked or used it. I may decide not to, but that doesn’t mean that you should or shouldn’t,” he maintains, adding, “My question is, ‘If cigarettes and booze are legal, how come cannabis isn’t?'”

In Canada, a vote on the legalization of cannabis is expected to take place next month.

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Source: Classic Rock News