Motörhead Music In the wake of Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister‘s death at age 70 last December, the legendary hard-rock band’s longtime guitarist Phil Campbell has turned his attention to other musical projects, including his side band with his sons Todd, Dane and Tyla. The group, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, released a self-titled debut EP this month and currently is touring Europe with heavy-metal veterans Saxon.

Campbell tells ABC Radio that he’s “really pleased with the EP,” which features five original songs that the rocker says were put together collaboratively by him, his sons and the group’s lead singer, Neil Starr.

“All of them write them, really. All of us together,” Phil explains. “[Starr is] responsible for all the lyrics, all the melodies…The music, it’s myself mostly and Todd, my eldest son, who produced the album.”

Most of the tunes on the EP are hard-driving rock songs that combine the speed and power of Motorhead with a melodicism and modern-rock edge reminiscent of Nirvana and Foo Fighters.

Campbell tells ABC Radio that, not surprisingly, the group’s music is a product of all of the members’ influences.

“We’ve all been music lovers since we were…three, four, five, six years old. So, even if it’s subconsciously, it brings in different influences,” he maintains. “And luckily, that’s what we’ve come out with now — we’ve come out with a golden egg, I think.”

Campbell also says he’s been amazed at how well Motörhead fans are responding to the band.

“I’m sure they’re there to support me and the memory of Motörhead, but they’re actually digging the new band and our music,” says Phil.

Campbell reports that he’s hoping to hit the studio again with the band sometime in the next year to record a full-length album.

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Source: Classic Rock News