Harley 2017 Contest Rules

Q94’s Harley Davidson Giveaway Rules 

Handsome Brothers, Inc., Q94, WBXQ, (hereinafter “the station”) will award one (1) 2016 Harley Davidson Wide Glide Motorcycle (hereinafter “the Prize”), the exact model to be determined by the radio station. The station will award this prize based on the following rules for the Q94 Harley Davidson Giveaway promotion (hereinafter “the Contest”).

1) Station will give away a maximum of five hundred (500) original Qualifier Certificates to eligible Contestants. An eligible Contestant is any person 18 years or older who is a citizen of the United States.

2) An original Qualifier Certificate is a form numbered and prepared by the Station only. Copies are not permitted.

3) Each eligible Contestant may win up to one Qualifier Certificates per calendar month, namely one Qualifier Certificates can be won in April, May and/or June, but not more than a maximum of three (3) total Qualifier Certificates during the entire contest.

4) The Station will award Qualifier Certificates during live broadcasts, remotes, truck stops, via its website (Q94ClassicRock.com), social media,  and on-air contests. Only official entry slips will be valid.  No purchase necessary.

5) Station will award the Prize during a Q94 event to be held prior to the end of June 2017. The place of the drawing will be announced on air at least fourteen days in advance of the award date.

6) On the Award Day contestants with a Qualifier Certificate (s) must bring the Qualifier Certificate(s) to the drawing event, in person, with photo identification such as PA driver’s license. Each Qualifier Certificate will be verified with Station records to confirm that the Qualifier Certificate belongs to the person entering the Form into the selection container. Station will provide a container in which each Qualifier Certificate will be placed before the final drawing.

7) Three (3) drawings will be held as follows:

  • a) FIRST DRAWING will include all eligible authentic Qualifier Certificates that were entered into the drawing container. Twenty different Qualifier Certificates, held by twenty different people, will be pulled randomly from the container. The presence of the individuals holding each of the twenty Qualifier Certificates will be confirmed. No individual may hold more than one of the twenty Qualifier Certificates in the first drawing. If an individual’s name is pulled twice the second Qualifier Certificate will be set aside (discarded) and another name will be drawn.
  • b) SECOND DRAWING. Each of the previous twenty Qualifiers Certificates will be placed into the emptied drawing container. Ten finalist certificates will be pulled and take part of the final drawing.
  • c) THIRD (final) COUNTDOWN DRAWING.  The previous ten finalists’ Qualifier Certificates will be put into the emptied drawing container. Entries will be drawn one at a time, counting down to the last Qualifier Certificate remaining as the winner of the Prize.    THE WINNER MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN.

8 ) The authenticity of each Qualifier Certificates will be determined by the Station.

9 ) No purchase is necessary to Enter the Contest.

10) No employees or immediate family of employees of Sounds Good Inc. or Sherlock Broadcasting   or Handsome Brothers, (WBXQ/WBRX/WRTA/WKMC) are eligible to enter the contest. Immediate family includes father, mother, son, daughter, and siblings.

11) The Winner is responsible to pay all applicable taxes including but not limited to sales tax, transfer and tags, plus income tax.

12) All contestants agree to allow their name/picture/voice to be used by the Station for any and all promotional purposes.

13) Rules are subject to the sole interpretation of the station and are subject to change by the station as it may determine necessary. Station reserves the right to reject claims or applications and to alter, amend or foreclose the promotion and prize without prior notice.

14) Contestants will indemnify and hold harmless the Station, its heirs and assigns, from any damages, real or perceived, to the Contestant in relation to these rules and regulations.

15) Previous Harley winners are ineligible to qualify or win the Harley promotion for at least three years.