I am super stoked to be the “rock chick” in the morning on Q94! I grew up on Classic Rock and the music is like an old friend! I have decades of radio experience, and to be hanging out with Central PA, playing the best rock songs ever, is like a dream come true. I’m all about keeping you updated with what’s going on with your favorite classic rockers, sharing great stories and, making sure you know what’s going on each morning for your ride to work or school. The only other thing that I like better than this job (except maybe CHOCOLATE!) is being outdoors doing everything under the sun! I’m a runner all year long. In the winter, you’ll find me snowboarding, skiing and snowshoeing. Warmer weather means fishing, kayaking, swimming, surfing and anything else water-related. My husband and I have 2 dogs (that number varies!) and a cat. I enjoy meeting people! So, when I’m out and about with Q94, make sure you stop by and introduce yourself!

Adam Erikson

Information about Adam Erikson is on its way, so keep your pants on. Or don’t. Adam does’t mind one way or the other.


Teressa has spent close to thirty years in radio and played country music for nearly all of that time. She came to Altoona 24 years ago, after working in Indiana, PA where her two children were born. After all these years, she is still excited about radio. In fact, she’s experiencing two firsts, in her radio career. She is using her real first name, rather than her on air persona Cricket, and playing Classic Rock on Q94.


Hey! I’m the dude you’re hearing at night 7-12.. Landing here at Q94 is a blessing I don’t take for granted. Radio can be a bouncy business and I’ve been bounced before. All I ever wanted to do since I was 6 or 7 years old is to be the guy coming out of the radio. For a little guy growing up in the deep south, that was some kind of magic. For the last 25 years I’ve been that guy somewhere in this great big world. I worked at my last station more than 20 years. I’ve spent time in Lancaster and Philly so my connection to Pa. runs deep.

When they told me the Mallo Cup was made in Altoona they had me. I was coming. I can eat ’em all day. But what qualifies me for the gig isn’t my desire for awesome candy or the business degree on my wall. Its pure passion for rock-n-roll!! I have loved this music most of my life. My 1st vinyl 45 was Todd Rundgren’s “Hello Its Me” in 1972. I was 9.


Since then I’ve been to hundreds of concerts and covered some of the biggest shows of the last 25 years live on the air. I’ve spent time with or interviewed most of the bands we play. Maybe you’ve noticed I have a bottomless pit of experiences and stories to share. Its no fun if you can’t share it. So I’ve been meticulous in archiving pictures and stuff along the way. But there are new memories to make and this NEVER gets old or tired to me.


Other Passions:  My family (5 kids, one mama), football, dogs, road trips, Israeli self defense (Krav Maga), live music (especially festivals), cooking, and the ocean.


Turns me on: Great food, pleasant smells, the warm sun, honesty
Turns me off: fake people, greed, arrogance, too many items in the express line..Ha!


I love the station. We’ll work hard to make it great for everyone.